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U.S.A and Europe MapThe basic idea of this website lies on the common ground of communities living on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean. Obviously, people living in North America and Europe do have different ways of thinking, ways of live, a different culture and history, but they share a strong common commitment to democracy and the rule of law, as well as to respect for human rights, the main trademark of the Western civilization.

In the 19th century, European immigration to North America was the biggest immigration ever seen in the world’s history. Now more than 200 million of European Americans live in the United States. Part of them are fully aware of their European roots, part of them nearly forgot it. Even if Europeans who immigrated to the USA for religious (17th century) , economic (19th century) or political (20th) reasons expected to live in a country which would not be involved in further European conflicts, 20th century’s world wars forced the USA and their citizens to be to solve twice the wars which occurred into

 the “Old Europe”. Then the commitment of the USA and American citizens (who were formerly European immigrants) to restore Western style’s democracy in Western Europe’s countries after 1945 and in Central Europe’s countries after 1991 (following the curtain of iron’s collapse) is quite high. Thanks to this successful alliance between the United States and Canada on the Western side of the Atlantic Ocean and the restored European democracies on the Eastern side of the Atlantic Ocean, our Western world remains a peaceful, free and wealthy zone.

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